Monday, April 30, 2012


60 Toorak Rd South Yarra

This cafe is classified as a neighborhood hang out place, a local favorite. What Picnic has to offer is a healthy choice of breaky menu - with a range of muesli, yoghurt and juices; and lunch/brunch menu is a crunch. This place was really relaxed and refreshing - influenced by the young lads who own it and is the obvious place to be on weekends, especially after a good workout. Great way to start the day off.

My pick for breaky was Poached eggs on salmon with pesto. Presentation is not impressive, taste was not too shabby. Poached eggs were not the best that I have tried but the freshness of salmon made the dish worthwhile. Dish could look deceivingly small but very filling.

 My top pick for brunch/lunch would have to be their steak sandwich. How should I put it? It is one of those gigantic brunch serving that you can never have enough. Slice of steak is absolutely tender and juicy. The chips and mayo aioli were the last pieces of the puzzle that brought the dish together. I would definitely have seconds without regrets.

Younger staff in tow - relatively inconsistent customer service. Some were really attentive and friendly but some can be quite ignorant and you can find yourself standing at the entrance for quite a few minutes, looking absolutely lost even when the place is literally empty. Food wise is recommended for foodie who wants to start the morning healthy. Otherwise brunch/lunch menu will tantalize your taste buds.

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