Friday, March 18, 2011

Gurkhas Nepalese Restaurant

258 Lygon St Carlton

Anyone up for Nepalese food? The country, Nepal is situated between India and China. So it is no surprise that their dishes are strongly influenced by the Indian community - curries and rotis. The restaurant looked really pretty and petite, filled with Indian-like decorations with rather dim lighting. The menu provided a little history of Gurkhas and while you are waiting for your acquaintances to arrive, why not skim through?

We ordered a few drinks to try but Mango Mohi stood out. It is the traditional Mango yoghurt drink that no one can go pass when Indian dishes are on offer. No difference here. The drink had a really smooth texture and taste was excellent.

The entree were shockers. The vegetarian dumplings (Mo Mo) were rather tasteless and the sauce or chutney that came with the dish did not help at all. It was definitely a weird condiment anyway. Same conviction for the Poleko Kukhura (char-grilled chicken). Not much flavors to the pieces of chicken except for the bitter taste that came from the burnt parts of the meat that lingers in your mouth after the first bite.
The mains delivered a different story. The goat curry (Khasiko Masu) was the highlight of the meal. Goat meat was perfectly cooked and every piece of them was absolutely tender. The curry sauce was extremely creamy and flavors were spot on. This dish went brilliantly well with Masala Roti and Gurkha Roti-Baber.

With the above dish, the dishes below helped complete the bigger picture. Chicken Masala (top left)  was not what I would have expected. I have not tasted a "dry" or stir-fried version of masala before, hence my first might not be my last. It tasted very different but in a good way. Whatever the marinade it, it was superbly done. The Egg Plant (right) was also a delight. It tasted very light and full of flavors. If you are a vegan, this is a must-try but even if you are not, this dish will amaze you. Last but no least, Chicken Chilli again was a hit for me. Full of flavors, balanced properly by the chef. Nothing to fault there.
Overall, the dining experience was very pleasant. with friendly service. The mains were the highlight, it might be a good idea to steer clear of entree or possibly they were coincidentally bad choices. Nevertheless, you will never know until you have tasted.

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Gurkhas Nepalese Restaurant

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