Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wood Spoon Kitchen

88 Smith St, Collingwood

As you walk past the restaurant, you would have never guessed that this is a Japanese place. The name certainly does not in any way suggest so. The standing chalkboard with colorful writing just by the front door might. I mean it is Smith Street that I am referring to. I normally make my trip downtown for outlet/discount shopping and not for some fancy Japanese food! The ambience was very cosy, came with contemporary design and rather distinctive deco all around.

What attracted me was the list of desserts on the chalkboard that was hanging on the wall behind me. So before anyone could pass me the menu, I have already made up my mind about the dessert. For starters, I ordered the onigiri set - 3 selections of rice ball being seaweed, ebi-salad and teriyaki beef and agedashi tofu. I am not a vegan but I absolutely adored the seaweed rice ball, which was triangular-shaped. There was nothing fancy about it but I could not stop myself from wanting more! The tofu was rather delicious too. It was silky smooth and outer layer was very crisp.

Then, I had the Kakuni Don - Japanese slow-cooked pork belly with rice. My oh my, this dish will have you drooling all over. The pork belly was extremely tender and had great flavors to it. It is a shame that the portion is rather small. The pickled vegetables really added texture to the entire dish.

And so I continue my journey with a traditional Japanese style curry with rice. It is a mild curry that everyone would love where you can pick your own meat. This is my first time ever tasting Japanese style curry, did not mind it at all but I will not rave about it either. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the dish.

I literally leaped with joy when my deserts came - soy milk pudding and pumpkin dango in coconut milk. The soy milk pudding tasted really milky and heavy in terms of taste, was not as light and smooth as I would have expected the texture to be. Also, I was not too sure about the red bean topping. Maybe the the topping was to give the pudding a splash of color. Otherwise, I do not really see the point of having it there. But you know what, it was still irresistible and I left nothing behind. The pumpkin dango dessert reminded me of something similar that I had in Sapporo. This dessert however, is simply delicate and had a smoother texture to it. Absolute banger!

If you are doing some shopping along Smith Street, why not drop by and give it a whirl? The price of the dishes is rather reasonable considering that it is a city-based restaurant. Portion and quality are of fine dining standard that comes with friendly service and unique seating. 

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Wood Spoon Kitchen


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  2. Thanks Magi (& sis).. Really appreciate the feedback and will definitely keep doing what I love most, eat and then share!