Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spicy Fish

Glen Waverley

Yep, another meal at Glenny. I should really call it my 2nd home. Frankly, I was not left with many choices when everywhere else is closed on Christmas day. This time, I decided to head to Spicy Fish for some Szechuan dishes. 

The menu looked really inviting, with gorgeous pictures tingling my taste buds even before knowing what they are. Szechuan dishes are known for the use of chili as a dominant ingredient, excessively in some instances. Hence, it was helpful to see little chili icons next to spicy dishes. If you are after a mild dish, do not go pass 2 chilies.

Just like the restaurant's name, the chef recommended spicy fish and did the dish live up to its name? You bet. It is a must-try dish if you have a high tolerance for spiciness, otherwise just make sure you have a large jug of cold water with a few mates to help you finish it. I absolutely adore the diced chicken with chili, it was not too spicy nor oily. The chicken pieces were very tender and I enjoyed the complementing celery, sweet corn and roasted peanuts. The dish had really good flavors.

I would deem the next dish as unique and challenging - claypot snail and intestines. Do not ask me why I chose it but I just did. Surprisingly, it did not taste as awful as I predicted it to be. The dish was very tasty, maybe a tad too sweet but I just love the texture of those snails. I would be happy to have this dish any day.

The following pork kidney in chilli oil is.. how should I put it. I know the name does not sound very appetizing, but believe me when I say that it is undeniably delicious. The thinly sliced kidney was cooked perfectly and the sauce just made it a whole lot tastier. Ignore the fact that it is pork kidney and you will be asking for more.

This restaurant offers some of the whackiest and weirdest dishes ever, and it is not all bad. I took the risk and my selections paid off. So if you can dine with an open mind, this place will bring wonders to your tasting palate.

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