Monday, December 27, 2010

Limelight Cafe

352 Blackburn Rd, Doncaster East

Like its name it really stood out - lime colored signboard along Blackburn Rd, who could possibly miss it? This Greek-family owned cafe was very well presented and place was buzzing with diners. 

My friends and I were seated very quickly and we were left sitting there for quite awhile before a waiter came up to take our order. There were many waiters and waitresses around but it was just too hard to get their attention, they were always in a hurry and seemed very disorganized.

Anyway, we ordered some starters to share - saganaki (pan-seared cheese) with dip platter - Tzatziki, Taramosalata (caviar-like) and Melitzanosalata (eggplant), and pita bread. The pita bread was served warm and they were so fresh. I just had to ask for refills. I thoroughly enjoyed them with the dips and saganaki

We also tried the grilled octopus, tasted a little bit bitter and cold. Wouldn't you expect the dish to be served straight from the grill? 

We all then decided on the different mains to share. I picked the pork belly and the other two picked kangaroo dish and salt and pepper calamari respectively. When the dishes arrived at the table, they looked absolutely delicious and I could not wait to dig in. I was extremely impressed with the pork belly dish as it was cooked to perfection. As I skillfully butcher the enormous piece of meat, I went "hallelujah". There was no better way to describe my joy of happiness. The meat was very tender and juicy while the skin was delightfully crispy. If you are passionate about your pork, you cannot go pass this dish. The vegetables also complemented the pork well.

Next on the tasting palate was the kangaroo dish. As we all know, it is rather challenging when it comes to kangaroo meat. A minute over, the meat will be chewy and no one would want it a minute under. In this case, the kangaroo meat was surprisingly tender with good flavors. A unique aspect of this dish was the use of sweet potato for the mash underneath the stack of roasted vegetables. That idea was cleverly executed. The vinaigrette on the side however was a tad too sour to my liking.

As for the salt and pepper calamari, there was nothing I could fault nor praise. It was a dish that anyone would be happy to get. Calamari was very tender, could have stayed in the pan/fryer for another minute or two in order to get the golden brown color but that is just for the sake of presentation. Chips tasted alright, nothing spectacular.

When it came to dessert, there were too many to choose from. They had a variety of macaroons and cakes, and even eclairs. There was this one cake that stood out,  flourless orange cake. The acidity in the cake was just right, which made the cake taste refreshing and light. It was the perfect dessert to end the night.

This is a place to be for Mediterranean dishes. Bring your entire family if you like or simply dine in with a few mates, even if it is just for coffee and desserts.  

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