Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lobster Cave


It was a chilly Wednesday morning and I overheard my colleague saying "Oh, we are going out for tea at Beaumaris. The seafood there is absolutely beautiful!" Just with that one sentence, I googled the place, made a reservation and took a drive there with a friend of mine. The restaurant looked really cosy with very dim lighting. It took me 15 minutes to decide on what to have but we finally chose a 3 course dinner for $99 each. 

My friend and I picked Steamed Coconut & Chilli Mussels and Soft Shell Crab to start off the evening. We both fell completely in love with our selections. The bowl of mussels was full of exotic flavors, thanks to the coconut milk and chilli combination. As the for the soft shell crab, every inch of the dish looked great and tasted even better. The harissa mayonnaise tasted very delicate and light, which went beautifully with the crab. I would not have mind a bit if I was given more mayonnaise to compliment the crab.

After such a good start, one can only ask for more. The Sizzling Duet was an absolute stunner. People always say to order seafood when you are at a seafood restaurant and same goes for ordering a steak at a steakhouse. I somehow decided to go against that, and it paid off. The steak that I had was the first ever steak done to my liking without having to send the dish back to the kitchen. The pork belly on the other hand did not have the same fate. Firstly, the piece of meat was just too huge. The XO sauce, which tasted OK, did not help in masking the dryness of the meat. The bugs however, were gorgeous!

Last but not least, the final course - dessert!!

We ordered 2 choices of dessert to share. First there is the Baileys White Mousse with raspberry compote and it is a dessert to-die-for. It is one of the smoothest white chocolate I have ever tasted. Then there is Chocolate Lovers that is more like a dessert sampler which had a scoop of chocolate ice cream, chocolate orange jaffa, dark chocolate tart and baileys white mousse. My pick out of these four  - would be baileys white mousse again and chocolate orange jaffa but you'll need a sweet tooth to thoroughly appreciate them. 

If you are craving for really fresh seafood cooked to perfection and where price is not an issue, why not head to Lobster Cave? 
Note: Reservation is a must for weekends and public holidays

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